Product Name:Unicable Ku-Band LNBF
This unicable LNB with 1 SCR port and 2 Legacy ports which makes installation very convenient.
The input SCR can connect with 4 receivers maximum via one coaxial cable, and distribute signal
Hereafter by splitters.
Easy installation even if many floors of buildings
Reduce installation cost
Low noise
High waterproof protection
Full coverage of Ku-Band for analog and digital reception.

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  • As the scheme following, this type of LNB is the best for the house with floors

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    Input FrequencyRange

    Low Band: 10.7011.70 GHz
    High Band: 11.70
    12.75 GHz

    Output FrequencyRange

    Low Band: 9501950 MHz
    High Band: 1100
    2150 MHz

       L.O. Phase Noise

    Noise Figure

    Low Band: 0.3 dB (Typ.)

    High Band: 0.3 dB (Typ.)

    Image Rejection

    40dB (Min.)

    Conversion Gain

    60dB (Typ.)

    Output VSWR

    2.0:1 (Max.)

    Gain Flatness


    Output Power

    0dBm (Min.)(at 1dB gain compression)

    Cross POL. Isolation

    25 dB (Typ.)

    Connector Type

    75Ω Female Connector

    L.O. Frequency

    Low Band: 9.75 GHz
    High Band : 10.60 GHz

    DC Current Consumption

    180mA (Typ.)

    L.O. Frequency Stability

    +1.0 MHz (Max.)@+25
    +2.0 MHz (Max.)@-30

    POL. Switching Voltage

    10.514.0 V @VP

    16.020.0 V @HP

    Operating Temperature


    Output IF Channel

    1:  1210MHz

    2:  1420MHz

    3:  1680MHz

    4:  2040MHz

    Low/High Band Switching

    Low Band: 0 Hz
    High Band:22KHz+4KHz

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